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I’ve been working with ProNails in my salon in Montenegro for some 15 years now. What I like best is strengthening the natural nails...


Who is Angélique depretz?


In 2010, I decided to follow my dream and set up my own salon in...


Even if your skin is luminous and your make-up perfect, your hands can betray your true age! Luckily, with the help of the right care products, you can delay the impact of the ageing...

by Natalie Gassion


With nails like these you definitely will OWN the NIGHT and catch every spotlight!

by Natalya Grudinina


Full-on glitter nails! It’s the must have accessory of the season.


Days are getting darker, temperatures are dropping and our coats are getting thicker. Just a few more weeks and we will be digging up our Santa hats…

Here are ten tips which will help you get...


Get ready to sparkle with ProNails! Participate in our social media contest and win € 250 worth of ProNails products with your best Holiday Set! 

Even if you don’t need an excuse to sparkle, the holiday season is a perfect reason to glam up your style and unleash your inner star. This way, when running from party to party, you always look the part. do you know...

The three easiest innovations for ‘NAILFAIL QUEENS’

Look by Sandrine Roelants


How to be cool with the liquid marble look ?


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