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Are you too the kind of person who starts getting excited in October already about putting up the Christmas tree, drinking hot chocolate on a cosy Christmas market and inhaling the scent of pine...

By Nathalie Gassion


Step by step using colourgel with powder STAMPING - 2 looks

By Sandrine Roelants


Step by step using sopolish with ART STAMPING & NAIL FOIL technique

By Sandrine Roelants


How do you apply nail flakes on gel nails?

The issues that we have covered up until now were all more or less cosmetic in nature. In this last series of nail problems we take a look at more serious nail conditions that require the appropriate approach and...


In this series we deal with the most commonly occurring and slightly painful nail problems that can sometimes be a real eyesore. But that doesn’t present a problem for nail stylists like you.

A good base is essential if you want to achieve perfectly polished nails, whether you are using nail polish or gel. Check out the different things you can do or that you can recommend in order to guarantee...


As you are already aware, ProNails, like you, places a great deal of importance on healthy natural nails. Our products make natural nails even more beautiful, they add shine, but they also respect the...


Don’t take any risks in your salon! Customers count on you to give them perfect nails, hands and feet. And as summer draws on you will see an increase in demand for pedicure treatments. Don’t give mould a...


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